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Beauty salon Norcia

Primopiano wellness Norcia

 Our beauty salon in Norcia welcomes you on our new website. We have clearly and precisely divided it in the various sections that explain and analyse the services we offer every day to our loyal clients. To have more info about our prices, promotions and brands used in our beauty salon in Norcia we invite you to regularly check our website and visit the dedicated pages where you may find the information you need. Come and visit us and let one of our staff members take care of your total look with love and passion.

About us

Our experience at your service

Our beauty salon in Norcia has been taking care of the psychophysical health of our clients for more than 30 years. Every day they come to our salon, showing us their love and gratitude, and put their trust in us to be cuddled and feel beautiful. The salon was originally founded as a hair salon. After many years of hard and constant work we have succeeded in widening our offer and becoming a reference point in our sector. As you can see, our offer is wide and complete; it is accurately studied to offer you a complete service.

About us
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For a perfect total look the type of outfit you choose is crucial. For this reason in our beauty salon in Norcia we are happy to suggest and recommend our clients new and interesting looks with the most fashionable outfits and the most famous brands in the Italian and international panorama. Come and visit us, talk to our experts and you will understand why we are so appreciated and respected. We will give you the best advice at the right moment. Come immediately to us: you will never regret it.

Wellness center norcia


In our spa you will benefit from a wide range of massages dedicated to your psychophysical wellbeing, from the most traditional to the most original ones coming from far away cultures completely different from ours. Open your horizons and dive into the world of the Japanese or Indian massages. Are you curious? Visit the dedicated section and call us to arrange an appointment. We will find the most suitable massage to fit your needs and, why not, to satisfy your curiosity. We are waiting for you, don’t be late: with our long experience we have always satisfied all our demanding clients.

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Beauty center norcia

Wellness Center

Maybe not everybody knows that our beauty salon in Norcia is one of the most famous and appreciated wellness centres in the area. The experience we have gained after many years of hard work has enabled us to improve our knowhow and skills to offer such a complete and varied range of services, as you can see from the dedicated sections. Do not miss the chance to choose among so many customized treatments. Come and visit us now and book the treatment you prefer. We are impatient to take care of you. Come and visit us!

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Hairstylist norcia


In our beauty salon in Norcia you will have the chance to talk and discuss with expert and professional hairstylists and decide together the best hairstyle for your face, to enhance your lineaments. We also take care of men and kids: in our big family nobody is left out and we will always be able to help you, no matter what your needs are. To have more info about our promotions, prices and the products we supply, we invite you to visit the dedicated page or call us or write us an email: one of our experts will be able to help you.


In the beauty salon in Norcia Primopiano we will take care of your total look, trying to meet your needs and desires. And of course, a beautiful and complete look includes also the perfume you are wearing: come and visit us and a member of our staff will give you the right advice to choose the most suitable perfume for your everyday life. Come to us and discover our complete offer. Visit the dedicated section, write an email or call us to have the information you need.


Thanks to many years of hard and constant work in this difficult and competitive sector, today our beauty salon in Norcia is able to offer a complete service for the brides-to-be. The wedding day is the most important one for a woman, it is the one they have been dreaming and thinking of since they were baby girls: do not end up being unprepared and come to us. Call us and arrange an appointment: one of our experts will follow and assist you almost until you reach the altar. We take care of your makeup and hairstyle also on your wedding day. Call us: we are waiting for you.

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