Primopiano Wellness Norcia

Discover our Beauty Concept

Primopiano Wellness in Norcia was established in 1981 as one of the trendiest and most elegant, well-known and esteemed hair salons in the area. As it often happens when you offer impeccable and high quality services, customers started to become more and more and therefore the services offered.

Primopiano Wellness in Norcia, thanks to its clear and complete vision and mission, has increased its business, covering other fields related to the initial one. Our dream was to have a salon where we could take care of beauty in all its features, not only limited to the very important hair care, but including also fashion clothes, psychophysical wellbeing and the choice of perfumes. This is our “beauty concept” that we have shared with our clients day by day for more than 30 years. And we can assure you that when an idea transforms the reality and attracts new and different clients, then it is a successful idea. Our visionary idea of global beauty has become a distinctive feature of our character and personality, a sort of unique and original signature that makes us different from the others. Drawing inspiration from these principles and ideas we have decided to create a sophisticated and elegant yet welcoming environment in Primopiano Wellness in Norcia, where the members of our staff will accompany you and suggest you the best ideas to build your perfect total look.

Visit Primopiano Wellness in Norcia and be cuddled by the staff. Find a moment only for yourself, feel like a queen: from your hair to the makeup to the manicure and the beauty treatments.

We invite you to regularly and carefully check our website where we present out offers to have quality treatments at competitive prices: you will never find another beauty salon with such good prices. What are you waiting for? Come and visit us.