Wellness centre Norcia

Our professionalism at your service

Ours is a very prestigious wellness centre because we have always managed to offer a wide variety of top quality beauty treatments.

Our offer ranges from the most traditional to the most innovative and specific treatments, we try to meet all your needs. For our treatments we use only the best products of the best brands in the sector, like: Essie, Naj Oleari, Dibi, Sothys, LPG, Solarium, Katharys, Olos, Absolis Patyka, Fisiosphere.

In our wellness centre you may benefit from our traditional hair removal treatments like:

  • Titanium dioxide hair removal;
  • Pulsed light hair removal;
  • Electroepilation;

For the beauty treatment of feet and hands we offer:

  • Shower and three-facial solarium;
  • Beauty and medical pedicure;
  • Manicure;
  • Beauty treatments for hands and feet with paraffin;
  • Nail reconstruction;
  • Permanent nail polish;
  • Face cleaning;
  • Makeup.
  • Our specific treatments include:
  • Detox treatment;
  • Remineralization treatment;
  • Slimming treatment;
  • Toning treatment;
  • Anti-cellulite treatment;
  • Anti-adipose treatment;
  • Lifting treatment;
  • Thalassotherapy treatment;
  • Anti-age treatment;
  • Anti-acne treatment;
  • Man treatment;
  • Eye contour treatment:
  • Photo-rejuvenating treatment.
What are you waiting for? You will never find such a complete and wide range of offers in another wellness centre.