Beauty treatments for brides Norcia

Come to our salon and you will be the most beautiful ones on that special day

Our beauty salon Primopiano offers also beauty treatments for brides in Norcia. We dedicate special attention to the brides-to-be. Come and visit us and try our specific treatments to be beautiful on your day. For a woman the wedding day is the most important of her entire life and we know that: for this reason we offer our clients specific and focused beauty treatments for brides in Norcia, designed to meet your needs.

Forget the long time and the hours waiting for your hairstyle and makeup: call us to arrange an appointment and a member of our team will assist and follow you for everything, also when you try the hairstyle and the makeup. We are sure that every bride is different from the others and therefore must be treated in a different way: if you want to put make up on a woman and make her look beautiful, you need to know her and understand her desires and needs. That is why you will always have one reference member in our staff.

Our beauty treatments for brides in Norcia include:

  • Hairstyling services: come and visit us: you will have the chance to try whatever you want, many different hairstyles to understand the best haircut for your face. We will also take some pictures of you to understand what is better for you and show you the details of the hairstyles.
If you want we may also make some highlights or dye your hair. 

We will take care of you and your hair also on your wedding day;

  • Makeup services: you may try the makeup you prefer and two face treatments to make your skin shine and glow;
  • Body treatments: we will offer you the manicure and pedicure with paraffin to make your hands and feet smooth and perfect;
  • Makeup service on your wedding day: arrange an appointment with us and we will take care of your makeup and make you beautiful on your wedding day.