Spa Norcia

Come to us and have some time only for you

Are you willing to have some time for your wellbeing and relax? 

Then come and visit our spa in Norcia and cuddle yourself and enjoy some deserved relax.

In our spa in Norcia we offer every type of massage, which is suitable for every need and conceived to help you relax and leave the stress and tensions outside. Put your trust in our staff and you will be sure to receive the best treatments at competitive and honest prices.

Here is the list of the main massages performed in our spa in Norcia:

  • Connective tissue massage: an excellent treatment to help and reinforce this specific type of tissue, to help you relieve the chronic and muscle pains;
  • Manual lymphatic drainage: this special type of massage is generally localized in the areas of the body with the highest accumulation of liquids and reduction of the lymphatic circulation;
  • Shiatzu massage: a typical Japanese massage aimed to relax your body and improve the immune system;
  • Ayurveda massage: an Indian massage whose goal is to recreate the psychophysical balance of the patient;
  • Four-hand massage: this massage, as the name suggests, includes the harmonious flux of two massagers. It is an amazing moment to help you relax;
  • Life massage: it is ideal to recreate the muscle and psychophysical balance, relieving the tensions:
  • Relaxing treatment;
  • Energizing treatment: to help your muscle awakening;
  • Foot reflexology;
  • Aromatherapy: with essential oils and aromas it helps your body prevent diseases;
  • Karite butter treatment: ideal to moisturize your skin and make it shine.

We also have a wide range of treatments for your skin and face beauty problems, which have excellent results without undergoing plastic surgery. They include:

  • Ultrasounds;
  • Pulsed light;
  • Body-sculpture;
  • Endermologie;
  • Radio frequency.

Exclusively for our clients we offer an innovative and effective treatment that consists in a cabin where your senses will be enveloped and cuddled by the beneficial effects of the mudpacks and the freshness of water, steam, lights and aromas: the Katharsys wellness treatment.

The brands we use to treat your body are Essie, Naj Oleari, Dibi, Sothys, LPG, Solarium, Katharys, Olos, Absolis Patyka, Fisiosphere.